Last Update: Rampart GAL replacements, CUS60 technical details updated, added Reactor High-score save, Dig Dug freeplay patches, 
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Video Encoder

RGB to NTSC video & Component video converter / encoder ( PAL also an option )

RGB -> NTSC & Component Video Encoder / Convertor

RGB to NTSC & Component Video Encoder

A device to convert the standard resolution RGB and Sync output of an arcade game into to NTSC composite video, s-video and also Component video output. 

So you can plug an arcade board into a normal TV set with video, S-video or component inputs.

Board Projects

Board Hacks !!!

Arcade Board Projects

A couple of board level conversion projects with full details the modifications !!

Mappy to Dig Dug 2 conversion
Rolling Thunder to Skykid DX
Rolling Thunder to Hopping Mappy


Game Schematics


Game Schematics

A collection of scanned game schematics. This is provided as a resource for other collectors.


Save our High Scores

Save Our High Scores

S.O.H.S or Save Our High Scores 

In an attempt to keep our beloved scores forever, or at least a long time, I've started modifying program ROMs and adding Non-volatile memory to allow certain games to keep the score.

Bootlegz !!

"bootleg"/Clone PCB's

Bootleg/Clone Game boards

The bootleg, clone or copyboard, is a non-original copy of a gameboard. Sometimes they are exact duplicates of the original hardware or a totally different 'bootleg' board design.

I'm in the process of documenting a few of the bootlegs I've run into.


Obsolete ICs

Antique DataSheets

Datasheets for some really ancient IC's, SRAM, EPROMs. Totally obsolete in modern times but used on plenty of older arcade boards.

LCD Panel 

LCD RGB conversion

LCD Panel Fun

How to modify a GameVue Playstation Panel to Accept direct RGB Input, useful for super portable test screen for gameboards.


Nothing Fits in this box

The intentionally left blank box.....

Bits & Pieces

The Other Stuff

Gallag - Color Correction

Nebulous Bee - Color Correction

Foodfight PLS153 to GAL conversion

CUS60 - Technical Ref & Replacement

Rampart GAL replacements !

DigDug Freeplay Patches + Source Code

Custom 51xx Install Guide

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