SkyKid Flying Hopping Mappy on Rolling Thunder Hopping Mappy

Mappy fans of the world our hopping friend comes to life !!

After a few request for help getting Hopping Mappy running on the Rolling Thunder Namco 'system 86'  game board, and seeing as I'd done the same for Skykid DX I took a look at the hardware & software to see what could be done. Here are the results.. Hopping Mappy on a Rolling Thunder board.

Hardware & Software

The Hardware used for Hopping Mappy is virtually identical to Rolling Thunder PCB.A change of one of the address decoding custom chips stops the upgrade being a straight ROM swap.
The Hardware differences are pretty minor, and the same type of patches used with SkyKid DX were all that was needed. 

Some control addresses are modified to new locations. The Interrupt enable/watchdog timer reset are modified on the sound CPU, and the watchdog reset is modified on the sub CPU. Two simple program hacks and the game will happily run on a unmodified Rolling thunder. 

The following is a walk  through of doing the upgrade, the only problems I can see if getting the color PROM's burned. 

The mods process is very, very similar to Skykid DX.

Before you Start 

This conversion hack requires a certain level of technical ability so DO NOT attempt this without the correct tools and some experience in board level repair work.

Original Rolling Thunder PCB

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The voice board is the second smaller board, plugged on top of the main system PCB.

Removal of the sound effects PCB

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The sound effects PCB is not used, so it can be removed.

Rom Placement

Modified program ROMs are 

HM3.fix - Sound MCU
HM2.fix - CPU2  

-=Download the Patched Program Images=-



Name Size/Type Location
HM1 27C256 9C
HM2.FIX 27C128 12C
HM3.FIX 27C64 6B
HM4 27C256 12H
HM5 27C128 4R
HM6 27C128 7R

Name Size/Type Location
HM11 82S147 or 27s29 3R
HM12 82S131 or 27s13 3S
HM13 82S191 or 27s191 4V
HM14 82S191 or 27s191 5V
HM15 82S123 6U

Board with replacement ROMs

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