Bootleg Board Gallery

Bombjack top  [ click for full image ]
Bombjack Bottom  [ click for full image ]
  • Two boards, marked with 'ATO'
  • Almost identical to the original
  • Missing the small 6 pin connector for the video
  • Video on 5 pin header on lower right of CPU board
  • One less GI sound generator. The game sounds fine compared to the original. 
DK jr top  [ click for full image ]
DK jr top  [ click for full image ]
Junior King / Donkey Kong JR   ( compact style )
  • Two boards, marked SK-01  & SK-02A
  • "Junior King" or "Donkey Kong Jr"  ROMset installed
  • Compact boardset smaller than original
  • Pinout matches classic Donkey Kong pinout ( except for amplified audio )
  • Non-inverted video 
  • onboard Audio amp and volume control
DK jr top  [ click for full image ]
DK jr bottom  [ click for full image ]
Donkey Kong JR
  • Two boards, marked JK-01  & JK-02, plus Jr.Kong logo on bottom board
  • Similar to original, no nintendo markings though
Jr.PacMan  [ click for full image ] Jr.Pacman
  • Single board, no markings
  • Missing the regulator section you'll find on the original boardsets, either populated or unpopulated
  • The two decoder PALs for the encrypted ROMs are present
  • Resistor packs are make up of individually solder resistors ( see picture )
Mortal Kombat  [ click for full image ] Mortal Kombat
  • Single board, markings "Kombat rev 2" and  0436  A-7
  • Modified ROMs, title screen states "YAWDIM" ( midway backwards )
  • Appears to play identically
PopEye  [ click for full image ] Popeye
  • Single board, no markings
  • Very different from original, amplified audio and normal ( non-inverted ) video
  • Standard ROMs gameplay is identical
Super Bobble Bobble top  [ click for full image ]
Super Bobble Bobble bottom  [ click for full image ]
Super Bobble Bobble
  • Two boards
  • Similar to original, some custom IC's missing, no seperate power connector
  • Does not use standard ROMs
  • Game play slightly modified 


Click for full image To be added when I can find them...  Q*Bert,  Gallag, Space/Time Pilot, Snow Bros

If you have some pictures of 'non-original manufacture' PCBs please drop me an email.  Might be useful to keep an archive of these boards.