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Cleaned up 600dpi Galaga CPU board scan - Galaga 600dpi PDF

I'm still looking for schematics for a few games  if anyone can help it'd be much appreciated. Drop me an email  if you have any of these:  Eggs,  Alcon, Sky Kid. 


These are scans of schematics ONLY, they're not full manuals with dipswitches, etc. I've provided them here to help others 'tinkers' and would-be techs to repair dead boards.

Other Archives

These are some pretty good sites hosting other schematic scans

The Xmission 'ArcArc' ARCade ARChive.


These schematics are available to anyone who wants to download them, all I ask is that if you put them up on your own web pages please be polite and put a link back here.

Schematics Available

Burger Time ( PDF 329k ) Dig Dug (800k) Frogger ( PDF 285k ) Galaga ( PDF 386k )
Gyruss ( PDF 438k ) Junior Pac ( PDF 350k ) Ladybug ( PDF 220k ) Mappy ( PDF 310k )
Moon Cresta ( PDF 233k ) Mr.Do ( PDF 334k ) PacLand ( PDF 248k ) Pengo ( PDF 193k )
Q*Bert ( PDF 404k ) Qix ( PDF 319k ) Scramble ( PDF 330k ) Time Pilot'84 ( PDF 460k )
Xevious ( PDF 280k ) Sanyo 20EZ monitor (135k PDF)    

Special Addition

This schematic is for the ROM/RAM/Sound board for the Galaxian/Moon Cresta style frogger boardset produced by Sega/Gremlin. The boardset is identical to Moon Cresta with the addition of the sound board.

Star Contributers to this Page are

Al Kossow
Gaymond Lee
Ray Ghanbari

Thanks must go to the guys above for the loan of their manuals and helping this page out.

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