Pengo Enhancement Pack ( E-Pack )

The ultimate enhancement for Pengo !

This add-on board plugs directly into the processor socket of a Pengo PCB, no cutting or hacking of the board is required.  The kit also includes z80 CPU socketed on the board.

Along with saving the games high scores. It also plays two published versions of the game.

Popcorn Pengo

  • Slow drawing of the ice block maze at game start

  • Plays the tune 'Hot Buttered popcorn' during gameplay

  • Sno-Bees are less aggressive, do not chase pengo as hard.

  • Fewer Sno-Bees as levels progress - Click to see differences

Alternate Pengo

  • Fast draw of the ice block maze at game start

  • Plays an alternate tune during the gameplay

  • Sno-Bees are a lot more aggressive, they will chase you mercilessly !

  • More sno-bees on each level - Click to see differences

At game start a menu is displayed allowing either one of the versions to be selected.

Expanded High Score Table
The high score table is twice as large with 10 entries, also there are two high-score tables for each of the game variations. The during game play the high-score displayed at the top of the screen is the highest score for the game version selected.

Test Mode
In test mode the game options can be changed using the joystick and push button. 

"Game Select" can be turned on or off, when turned off the "Default Game" option should be set to which version will play when a new game is started.

Freeplay mode is now supported by DIP SW2, switches 1,2,3,4 in the OFF position.


Pricing for the kit is $45 + shipping.  E-mail for details Send an E-Mail to jrok

Pengo High-Score Saver and Enhancement Pack

Click to see the Install Guide for the board

Full Feature List for the Kit

Attract mode Freeplay game select popcorn game select alternate

Attract mode continues
when coined/credited

Freeplay mode

Game Selection
Popcorn or Alternate Version

Game Select
Alternate Version

high score table 1 high score table 2 test mode setup screen test mode clear score delay

Ten entry high score table

Two high Score Tables
One for Pengo one for Alternate

Test Mode allows control of
the game settings

Timer delay stops accidental
clearing of high scores

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