Differences between the two Pengo verison

Apart from the minor different of the game start being faster in the alternate version of Pengo, the
Popcorn version draws the path through the iceblocks slowly, the sno bees are programmed to be 
more aggressive. The code was changed so the bees will chase after Pengo much more easily, 
playing a few games of each version will quickly demonstrate the differences.

Also the number of sno bees per levels was changed, with the alternate version ramping up the 
total number of sno bees more quickly than the popcorn version.  Theses tables below show 
the differences between the two versions.

Popcorn Pengo Alternate Pengo
Level Number of Sno Bees
1 to 2 6
3 to 7 8
8 to 11 10
12 + 12


Level Number of Sno Bees
1 6
2 to 5 8
6 to 7 9
8 to 9 10
10 to 11 11
12+ 12


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