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This is the download page, please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before attempting to download the emulator. If you don't know how to use DOS or PKZIP, or are only familiar with point & click windows applications don't download as I won't be providing technical support.

Please Note: Any e-mail asking questions that are in the JAS.TXT file or in the FAQ won't be answered.

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JAS - Multi Game
A rotating disk

PacLandskykidMappySuper PacManGaplusDig Dug 2


Note: To use this emulator you must have the ROM images from the original game.

Important Information


This emulator is supplied 'as-is' it has no warranty, JROK accepts no responsibilities for it's use or distribution, it is intended as purely an educational tool by owners of the original game boards and/or the ROMs sets. This program is supplied as freeware NO CHARGE should be made for it's distribution, it should not be sold or paid for in ANY way shape or form.
All emulated material is copyright to their respective owners.

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