JROK's Arcade Simulator (JAS ) Mini-FAQ
Version 1.01

Q1. What is it ?
A1. These programs will simulate the behavior of the original arcade machines. All functions i.e. video, audio and input, are simulated so that the original program can be run in a un-modified form on an IBM PC compatible.

Q2. What do I need to run them ?
A2. You will need the ROMs, plus the color and sound PROMs from the original arcade boards.

Q3. I don't want to read the ROMs from my arcade board.
A3. That's OK, a few kind souls have put the ROMs out on the internet so legitimate owners of the boards can download them. A few such sites are:


Q4. What's a ROM ?
A4. Don't even bother downloading until you find out.

Q5. What's a ZIP file ?
A5. Don't even bother downloading until you find out.

Q6. Will you email me a copy of the ROMs.
A6. No.

Q7. I've got a 'fill-in-the-blank-brand-X' soundcard that doesn't work with the emulator.
A7. I'm sorry, only supported soundcards are
Gravis Ultrasound ( the best ) , Awe32/Awe64, Soundblaster Pro ( or 16 )

Q8. It doesn't work with my soundblaster ?
A8. Make sure that in DOS the 'Blaster' variable has the CORRECT port, interrupt and DMA settings, ALSO this emulator needs a soundblaster PRO or better. The original Soundblaster 1.0, or some of the basic compatibles won't work.

Q9. What's the DOS 'Blaster' variable.
A9. Teaching enviroment basics is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Q10. I try to run the emulator but the screen freaks out and I can't see anything.
A10. Sorry some monitor/video card combinations just will not support the 'cooked' video mode of 224x228. In this case download a Vesa display driver, and run the emulator using the 'v' command line switch. You can get the 'best' VESA driver from http://www.scitechsoft.com

Q11.You really have a problem with users don't you.
A11. Ermmm. Yes, I do BUT this software is free so you can't really expect top grade technical support when the cost is zero, TANSTAFFL ( that's "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" ).

Q12. I've got a SB32 without any RAM, why does the audio not work.
A12. The simulator uploads samples to the EMU8000 audio processor on the SB32/AWE32/AWE64. It NEEDS RAM!!!

Q13. I've got an interwave card but it doesn't work ?
A13. Some low-end interwave based cards didn't come with any RAM, you need to add RAM. See answer 13, same problem.

Q14. I've got a Gravis Ultrasound P'n'P, the one without RAM, and the audio works fine ?!?!
A14. Ahhh sounds like my card, I too bought a P'n'P without RAM only to find the thing actually had 512k onboard ?!? EVERYTHING on the box said it was the regular card without RAM, guess we're just lucky or something.

Q15. I've got a 486-sx25 with ISA video, is there anything I can do to use the emulators.
A15. No.

Q16. Now I've got the emulator what other games can I run ?
A16. NONE ! It only works with these games, you can try REAL hard to get others to work but... you probably wont.

Q18. Why did you do all this ?
A18. To bring peace and love to all mankind... or Answer 21....

Q19. Hey ! The background in PacLand moves in a sort of jerky way !
A19. Well, that's actually a problem with the original game. The background moves at slower speed than the screen redraw rates, so it makes the movement appear jerky. Check out the original game if you dont believe me.   

Q20. So why do the eyes in PacLand appear over the top of trees, is this a bug ?
A20. No, again in the original game white 'stuff', like eyes, appears through the trees.

Q21. Are you a computer nerd ?
A21. Yes but the pay's good.

Q22. How do I run Skykid ?
A22. There's a file in the JAS archive called JAS.TXT it contains all instructions on how to use the emulator. Please try reading this before sending me email asking to run game X when you can't be bothered to read the instructions. All such emails go straight into trash.

Q23. I'm using a Mame front end and it wont work with JAS !
A23. WOW ! There's a suprise, perhaps it's because JAS IS NOT MAME ?!?! READ THE JAS.TXT file

Q24. How can I do a screen dump ?
A24. Press F12 in any game screen, a .BMP format file will be saved of that screen. The file name depends on the game, Skykid saves images a SKY-nn.BMP where NN is a number, pacland saves images as PLD.nn.BMP.

Q25. When I type 'JAS MAPPY' it says "Failed to load ROM file: xxxxx" what does this mean.
A25. It means that either there is no directory called Mappy that contains a COMPLETE set of ROM images for the game, or there are one or more missing ROM files. Check the file called ROMLIST for all the files needed and the directory names that these files should be stored in.

Q26. Are you going to clean up the checking of ROM files thing in Q25.
A26. Yeah, it's something to get around to.

Q27. So who stole the antenna off your Golf ?
A27. Some low life cheap bas**rd who will hopefully die in a very painful ( ideally slow too ) way ! Yes, I do believe there is no crime too petty for the death sentence