Super PacMan High-Score Saver


SuperPac !!  Love it or really hate it, there's no middle ground. Perhaps the only complaint I can make is that the game is a little too easy. Still adding a high-score save can make it more interesting.

Using the regular Midway style boardset it's two new program ROMs and a battery backed RAM.

Patch Source Code

More source code, coming soon, right after I tidy it up.

It's designed for use with the AS09, 6809 cross assembler for DOS.

Game Updates


Dallas 1220  battery backed SRAM 
Two  2764  ( 8k x 8 )  EPROMs with new program images

Board Overview


ROMs that will need to be replaced in Yellow.
Locations 1B and 1C

Video PCB

One of the original 2k x 8 SRAMs on the board will need to be replaced with a Dallas SRAM, outlined in red.
Location 2K

Program Updates


The new program EPROM filenames match the following board locations 1B & 1C, all EPROMs are 2764 ( 8k x 8 ).

Download the high-score save Game Program images

SuperPacMan High Score Save Images


Super Pac High-Score Save 

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