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This request came up a few time, however DK is not very straight forward, due to the fact that none of the board RAMs are  socketed and they are all 4kbit ( 1k x 4 ), no simple hardware mod. of 'plug in a Dallas'.   

With this project I have documented both the hardware theory and the software for the complete upgrade, including the source code, if anyone wants to take a look. The three modified program images are also here, so solder away burn some new ROMs and have fun !!

Also worth a mention... to make it clearer I have the EEPROM 'flying' in mid-air, you can make a much neater job using shorter wires and locking the thing down onto the PCB.

Theory of Operation

The serial EEPROM   93C56

Hardware Theory

93C56 /  93LC56 EEPROM
Link to the Datasheet, at

Board Connections Overview

Board Connection Wiring Close Up

Board overview
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Updated Program Code

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*note* these are ONLY useful if you have the
ORIGINAL Donkey Kong boardset *

This is NOT a full set of images, it is
ONLY the 3 modified EPROMs

Parts Required

For serial EEPROMs check  or

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