Donkey Kong Junior High-Score Save


Now Donkey Kong Jr. is about as much fun as the original, so this it made sense to look at this as the next highscore save. As the hardware is virtually identical it made the porting and code modifications thankfully quite straighforward.

Again I've tried to documented both the hardware theory and the software for the complete upgrade, including the source code. 

Theory of Operation

The serial EEPROM   93C56

Hardware Theory

93C56 /  93LC56 EEPROM
Link to the Datasheet, at

Board Connections Overview

Board Connection Wiring Close Up

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Updated Program Code

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*note* these are ONLY useful if you have the
ORIGINAL Kong Junior boardset *

This is NOT a full set of images, it is
ONLY the 2 modified EPROMs

Parts Required

For serial EEPROMs check  or

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