Full 25LS2519 Replacement

After building a simple replacement for the AM25LS2519 used on Pengo, I looked at putting a full implementation on the chip onto a GAL22v10.  
Well, this is the end result.  It's not a terribly complex part and fits without any problems into a GAL22v10. This version supports all the functions of the AM25ls2519 so is not restricted to use with pengo, like the previous replacement project.

Some wiring for an adapter is needed to map the pinouts from the 24pin GAL to pins of a 20 pin of a 25LS2519. 
I've put together a simple carrier board but the same thing could be easily wired using a piece of stripboard with a header.

So far it's been tested in a Sega Up'n'Down, Choplifter and Pengo without issues.

Pin Mapping

click for the big picture

Carrier PCB underside



Side View Top View

Project Files

Designed using Cadsoft Eagle 4.16r1 and Lattice ISP Level classic.

 rep_25ls2519_gal22v10.sch  Schematics
 rep_25ls2519_gal22v10.brd  Single Sided pcb layout 
 rep_25ls2519_gal22v10.png 1200dpi PNG template for 
 the PCB layout, for use in
 rep_2519.vhd  VHDL source code for the
 repro_2519_v.jed  JED programming file for the
 REPRO_2519_V.zip  Complete project file for use
 with Lattice ISP Lever Classic

Plugged into Up'N'Down IC 24 - Bally/Midway board version

It also works on an Pengo as a replacement for U74



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