News from 2004 and earlier.......

Feb 14th 2004 :  New Encoders & Pole Position is cursed !!

RGB encoders V3.1 are now built and shipping. So what's the difference ?  A few tweaks to the layout, a frequently requested power LED so you can see when it's powered up and a more stable composite video phono-jack. 

Pole Position is a truely cursed boardset... The Custom 10xx is still being a pig and not behaving anything like it really should, but at least the other replacement parts work.

Jan 4th 2004 :  Happy New Year !

To celebrate the new year I accidentally deleted my inbox before reading ( clever eh ? ). If you'd sent me an email  from around the 26th Dec. please resend ( excluding SPAM ).  So, if you don't hear a reply from me, it's probably because your mail got flushed ( oops ).

Dec 4th 2003:  Another high-score saving page ! 

Matt O's a big Konami fan who's doing some high-score saves for the Konami classics.  He's also just put out a save for Burgertime too, definitely worth a look if you want to save those scores  !

Follow this link Matt's Save Our Konami High Scores 

It's also that time of year I fix the links page (!)

Aug 26th 2003 : Some Pics.

One of the custom IC replacement PCB's custom_cpld.jpg

Time Pilot Hi-Score save board Time Pilot HSS  - aparently... a lot of the boards do not have socketed Z80's which really makes things a pain if you have to desolder and add a socket before you can plug it in !!!

Aug 23rd 2003 : Project Updates (!)

Custom IC replacement PCB's are in, just need to build a few. Compatible ICs for the early vintage Midway board will be the 00xx, 02xx,  04xx, 06xx, 07xx and 08xx. Still working on some of the others (!)

08xx and 05xx starfield generators are already available from Arcadeshop:

Finishing off some hi-score save projects which have been in limbo forever, Timepilot with a complete plug in PCB has tested out ok. Should be available very very soon. Pic's tomorrow.

July 8th 2003 : RGB encoders back in stock & Shipping.

Lots & lots more encoders in stock. Available for immediate shipping.   Pictures & Details...

New obsolete datasheets scanned, Mostek MK4096 DRAM. Antique Datasheets...

Mar 23rd 2003 : Farscape ends....

A totally different subject...the Sci-Fi channel aired the final episode of Farscape this weekend, a show which really didn't suck. They seem to be obsessed with canceling anything that was actually good. Anyway.. fans of the show are rallying to support the show and encourage the corporate all-knowing to change their minds so it can stick around for another run.  Info can be found here..

Mar 9th 2003 : Some new Datasheets added....

Added a few more old parts, 4027 DRAM, 4116 DRAM and 4801/4118 SRAM.
Also FINALLY found a sheet on the old ER-2055 EAROM that was used on a number of early Atari games to store the high-score table. Antique Datasheets

Feb 25th 2003 : Nothing Much Really....

Big batch of RGB encoders built !!! Lots of RGB encoders Order now before the xmas rush ! 

Updated the Arcade page and added a link to some old SRAM and EPROM datasheets I've collected.  Antique Datasheets

Got some new projects/products almost very very very close to being completed, they're in the final stages of testing and I'd really like to get them done soon. Perhaps a product release before March (!!!)

 Quick picture of one part, replacement 07xx custom IC on a dig dug PCB  07xx  on DigDug CPU board the flying wires are just for a test header and theatrical effect.

Apparently... I need to fix the links page again and add the scans of Bosconian schematics, which I'm sure someone had done before, but I can't find them anywhere.

That's all for now...

Dec 17th 2002 : Finally an Update !  It must the Christmas !!

What have I been doing ?

RGB encoders - new boards are in and they look GREAT.  Even better 
than the last ones ! New pictures coming soon as I take some decent ones.

Finishing off some of the custom IC projects I've let drag on all year...
Who knows some parts might actually get released (!)

Williams Joust/Robo/Sinistar "special chip 1" work in progress, of course I had to pick an expensive part to use (!) so this might just be a fun 'how it works' project.

Modifying a Gamevue Playstation panel to run standard RGB input, this was to make a super portable RGB monitor for testing game boards.
Here are the details of the modifications -> LCD Panel fun !

July 18th  2002: RGB Encoders & More !

RGB to NTSC Video Encoders  - Click to view !

They're now are available follow this for pictures & details...

In other news I am working on some replacement custom IC's, for the repair of Galaga and other assorted game boards. It's comming along nicely, the replacement starfield plug in board is in production and will be released shortly. Here's one of them !

Here's a pic of a superpac board with one of my replacement parts undergoing some testing

It seems to have been a busy year as it's July already (!) what happened to May ???

Feb 13th  2002: Fun with micro-controllers & page updates ( someday )

Wow... haven't updated the site in a while. Been having way to much fun playing with Atmel AVR micro-controlers !
Eventually... I'll get around to putting some more pics of bootleg boards seeing as I've picked up a whole lot of really interesting ones ( interesting for me anyway ). There'll also be some pics of my work on re-engineering some very old, very obselete custom ICs from game boards.


Old News & Stuff from 2001

Sep 30th 2001 : Gallag ( Galaga Bootleg )  Color correction

Details of how to replace 4 resistors on the board to correct the colors. Follow the link for details !   Gallag Color Correction - What to do

Sept 14th  2001:

Aug 15th  2001: MORE High Score Saves !!

Time for some more projects that have been hanging around for a while.  These ones come with full instructions + pics AND the source code if anyone feels like a read.

Donkey Kong - High Score Save

Donkey Kong Junior - High Score Save

Super PacMan - High Score Save 

Feb 12th  2001: New High Score Saves + Enhancement

It seems to have been a while since I did any updates ! So here's one to start the new year off the right way.

FROGGER - High score save and initials enhancement
This is an update to an older project, I've simplified it a bit ( just requires a socket some RAM and a couple of wires ). The other really useful feature is it adds the ability to put your initials into the highscore table, this should appeal to the vain frogger nuts out there.

Pengo - High Score Save
Update to the game to save scores to NVRAM, full story + pics.
  There is also  the source code and ROM patch notes if anyone feels like a read.

So visit the high-score save pages here Save our High Scores !!

Old News & Stuff from 2000

Aug 5th 2000: New Arcade Projects

I've update the arcade page with two new projects, first one is a hack for a Mappy to Dig Dug 2 conversion, the second is for a Rolling Thunder to Skykid DX conversion

Apr 30th 2000: RGB to NTSC encoders are back !

The RGB to TV composite & s-video encoder page is back, as I now have some more for sale. Visit the page for details. 
RGB to NTSC encoder

Jan 11th 2000: 'Bootleg' PCB's page The Bootleg PCB's Page

Feb 15th 2000:  Unofficial release WARNING

Click here for details on 3 unofficial releases of my games.


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