Dig Dug 2 - The Game

Main Characters

DigDug You're the little guy with the harpoon gun and jackhammer !
Fnarg Fygar. A nasty fire-breathing dragon. These guys will pause, flash their wings and emit a spout of flame.
Pooka Pooka. A sort of balloon with diving goggles. They just bounce around and chase you.

Basic Concept

Kill everything !! Seems rather harsh for such a cute game. Then again the other characters are all hell-bent upon your demise so it only seems fair.

Two pleasant ways of disposing of the bad guys:

So that's being popped or drowned, both equally unpleasant way of killing the bad guys.


A drill hole & Fracture

Drill Hole

Drilling and Sinking the Island

Parts of the island can be sunk by drilling on one of the purple buttons, this fractures that section of the island, the joystick is used while drilling to set the direction the fracture will go in.

When a whole section of island is completely enclosed by fractures it sinks ! Anything on that section falls into the ocean and drowns, that includes the little hero of the game.

You get progressively more points the more of the bad guys you can sink on a part of the island, this is the way to the BIG points.

If you sink enough of the island, then you get a bonus fruit appear, this is worth more points each round. Fruits are Turnip, mushroom ( looks a bit poisonous ), obergene, tomato, melon, grapes.

A limitation of the Pookas and Fygars is that they cannot cross a fracture line !! The exception to this is if you're very close to the line, at which point they turn into floating eyes and can cross the boundary. This is a useful to lure lots of the bad guys into a particular almost fully enclosed part of the island THEN SINK IT !!

One final amusing (?) thing is when only one of the bad guys is left on the island you have limited time to dispose of him! If you wait too long they'll commit suicide by jumping into the ocean ( hey they have the right to choose ).

And that's all there is to it really.

The game gets insanely hard after around level 30, I've played up to level 60 - the save/reload feature helps. It's really very challenging.

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