What is JROK Anyway ?

JROK is the result of a genetic engineering experiment carried out by the British government almost 50 years ago. Designed to be a near perfect super human with an IQ in excess of 300 and the physical attributes of a comic book super hero, they were a little disappointed with the results, which bore no relation to the original design specification.

JROK was placed in a normal, well 'normalish', family environment and grew up just outside North London. His previous incarnation as a cat occasionally gave him problems, such as the urge to chase small rodents and staring out the window at birds whilst hissing at them. The top secret scientific team closely monitored* his progress having managed to justify another 15 years of funding by claiming the 'special abilities' wouldn't show themselves until JROK at least reached maturity, or until after they retired comfortable, whichever came sooner.

* by closely they meant, having a peek at his school report every year or so while they got on with important work like "playing games on this really new expensive computer which just wangled some budget for...". 

Time passed and after many happy years living in the UK, JROK happened to discover computers, and perhaps more importantly that they're really good for playing games on. This was the start of a slippery decline, after only a few short years the once respectable JROK is playing video games, attending college and even studying for a degree in "Computer Science". After graduating and taking his first job as an "IT Professional" working for a company who, for reasons of national security, will only be referred to as "those bastards, I hope they die", JROK worked his way into the noble art of Uniface & Oracle Development. The original scientists, who created him and still followed his progress, thought to themselves "Well, perhaps the 200+ IQ is showing itself after all ! Say isn't that a flying pig outside the window ! Did you know I met Elvis on the bus from Finchley yesterday ?"

The project took it's most disastrous turn when JROK left the UK ( some say 'escaped', others say 'deported' ), to live and work in the USA after becoming tired with Britain's { weather/road system/service/food/taxes - tick one or more as possible reasons }. The ticket out having been paid for by the confederation of British industry as every company he worked for ended up being taken over and disappearing from the face of the earth.... ( the two events being possibly related !)  

The original scientists also by now having been retired to the Sunnyville home for the clinically deranged, and the project officially 'wound down'. These events coupled with the destruction of all materials relating to the experiment added further to the secrecy and the mystery of it all.

JROK may, however, one day return to the country of his birth but this is unlikely apart from the following scenario's 

1). The glorious reunification of the lost colonies.
2). He returns home as leader of something which involves people calling him 'Highness', 'Lordship' or even 'Your Holiness'.
3). A really obscene salary. 
4). 2 & 3

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